Is Anaerobic Digestion for me?

The food and drink sector is the UK’s biggest manufacturing sector with some 6,815 businesses, but according to ADBA (the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association) only 39 of the current 552 anaerobic digestion facilities in the UK belong to food and drink companies.

This implies that over 6,700 businesses in the food and drink sector are paying for their organic waste to be disposed of, why is this? The likely answer is that many are not big enough to generate sufficient organic waste to run an AD facility. But many will be.

We’ve created a useful briefing document detailing information around Anaerobic Digestion including:

- what it is and what it's used for

- what organic materials are suitable for use

- how to decide if building an Anaerobic Digestion plant is suitable for you

- what the first steps are

- advice on feasibility studies

This is intended to help you decide whether Anaerobic Digestion is appropriate for your business, and how to go about putting an AD plant in place. To read and download the full document please follow this link: