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Advisory and Transaction Services brings together our strategic and technical consultancy services to clients in all our key sectors

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SLR's response to Coronavirus / COVID-19

July 01, 2020

​In response to the ongoing global pandemic, SLR is actively following the advice and guidance on coronavirus provided by the relevant national and state governments. Our leadership team and H&S professionals are regularly monitoring developments and updating advice to our people using all available communications channels. That advice covers infection risk, travel guidance, office management, working from home and ongoing support to all employees.

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Containment systems for the prevention of pollution – Industry consultation, sponsored by SLR

June 10, 2020

In 2014, CIRIA (the Construction Industry Research and Information Association) in conjunction with SLR Consulting and a wider Project Steering Group released new guidance: ‘Containment systems for the systems for the prevention of pollution: Secondary, tertiary and other measures for industrial and commercial premises’ (C736). CIRIA have recently announced plans to begin the process of reviewing and updating the guidance, starting with an industry consultation. The first stage of this is a survey, which is available via the following link: and has been part sponsored by SLR Consulting.

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Plastic Packaging Tax: Last chance to have your say

May 07, 2020

Gary Armstrong, Industrial Resource Management Lead at SLR Consulting, summarises his views on the five fundamentals of the proposed Plastic Packaging Tax to help you decide if you want to submit a consultation response before the deadline.

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Service Line Team

Julie Gartside (EUR)


Julie has spent over 15 years working with companies from a range of industrial and commercial sectors to understand the impacts of carbon and energy legislation and reporting schemes on their business.  She helps organisations to integrate their response to these policies into business operations and achieve sustainable compliance.  Julie also helps organisations with the management and reporting of their greenhouse gases (at organisational, product and supply chain levels) and works with them to develop strategies to reduce energy use and carbon emissions, and hence operating costs.

Julie is also Chair of the UK Emissions Trading Group Domestic Measures working group.  This group is attended by UK government departments, the UK Environment Agency, trade associations and large companies to discuss and debate changes in UK energy and carbon policies (e.g. Climate Change Agreements, Carbon Reduction Commitment and the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme, plus how they interact with the EU Emissions Trading Scheme).

John Turley

(US) Close

Mr. Turley has over 35 years of experience that includes production/operations, EHS management, and global transaction advisory services. His experience focuses on the needs of strategic and financial buyers for complex deals in the refining, chemicals, and heavy industrial sectors. He has managed the EHS due diligence on a wide range of global industries and his clear understanding of the issues encountered by buyers, sellers, and financial institutions allows him to provide advice instrumental to successful deal completion.

John Postlethwaite

(APAC) Close

John has around 30 years of diverse experience in both environmental and civil engineering projects. He has worked on Australian and international projects, providing professional advice and guidance to private and public sector clients.

He has worked across many industries and market sectors and has been involved in the successful delivery of many multi-disciplined small to major scale projects. Although he has a depth of knowledge of civil design projects, over the last 10 to 15 years he has specialised more in environmental engineering, with particular emphasis on EIS, land and water quality assessment, surface water hydrology, flood estimation and water sensitive urban design. The marriage of civil design and construction practice and environmental rigour has provided John with key skills and experience that have enabled him to guide the design and approvals processes, and ultimately enabling ‘best on balance solutions’ for many challenging projects.

His experience also extends to on-site water supply and wastewater treatment and disposal, transport planning and civil infrastructure design. John has worked alongside and assisted land and property developers, energy providers, mining companies, local and state government departments and other statutory authorities.

John’s diverse background across the environmental assessment of sites and vast construction experience enables him to provide a holistic approach to project management and robust advice to clients throughout the project’s life, through site enabling, planning and development approval, design and construction and rehabilitation.

John has also been able to apply his ‘hands on’ management and leadership style and use his effective communication skills to grow multi-discipline teams; not just in numbers but also in technical understanding, practical and economic designs and to harness and embed sustainable attitudes to project delivery.