Cleaner Air Oregon

SLR’s engineers and scientists are experts in developing toxics emission unit inventories and risk assessments.

Cleaner Air Oregon is a state health risk-based air toxics regulatory program that adds requirements to Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) existing air permitting. New and existing facilities in Oregon that emit toxic air contaminants are required to assess the health impacts associated with those toxic emissions. SLR brings extensive experience from the California Air Districts’ air toxics New Source Review (NSR) rules that require a health risk assessment (HRA) for new and modified sources seeking a construction permit.

SLR’s air quality engineers, modelers, and toxicologists are expert in developing air toxics emission inventories, performing risk assessments, conducting air dispersion modeling. SLR participates regularly in conferences, workshops, and courses to stay abreast (or ahead) of developing issues, current guidance, and regulations. This active participation in the air toxics community, combined with excellent working relationships with the Oregon DEQ, ensures that our clients continually receive value-added services.