Environmental Law, Compliance and Training

Manufacturing organisations typically exhibit a range of environmental impacts and pollution scenarios that require effective management and operational control. Sitting alongside these risks is a complex framework of environmental law, with a typical manufacturing organisation having in the region of twenty to thirty environmental laws requiring active compliance management. These laws can include Water, Waste, Air, Energy, Carbon, Nuisance, Hazardous Substances, Conservation, Contaminated land and Planning.

Demonstrating compliance with environmental law is a fundamental requirement for all organisations, regardless of size, sector or location. Whilst most have a good understanding of the need to comply with environmental law, it is not uncommon for less familiarity to exist with the consequences non-compliant activities, or how this can evolve to become a material factor in an organisation achieving its strategic business objectives.

SLR has leading consultants who can guide manufacturing organisations through the complexities of environmental law, and help develop management systems and business strategies which not only minimise risk but also enhance business value. Our services include.

  • Environmental legal register risk review and compliance
  • Environmental management systems auditing and implementation
  • Environmental permitting and liaisons with the Environmental Regulators
  • Environmental compliance auditing
  • Training
  • Noise monitoring/ acoustics
  • Air quality and emissions
  • Computational fluid dynamics emissions modelling