Air Quality

Phil Branchflower, Technical Director, MIAQM

Philip has been an expert witness in relation to claims of environmental odour nuisance in several cases, in particular in relation to Morgan & Baker v Hinton Organics relating to claims of odour nuisance from their composting facility by local residents and presented expert testimony on air quality and odour at Planning Inquiry for Peel & Marshalls for an Anaerobic Digestion facility at Ramsbottom.

Philip has also appeared in front of the HS2 Select Committee to request appropriate mitigation for residents affected by air pollution from the construction of HS2.

To contact Philp please email him Philip Branchflower


Graeme Blacklock, Principal, MIAQM

Graeme has provided evidence at a number of planning appeals. He provided evidence in relation to odour issues on residential encroachment for an existing wastewater treatment works in Cockermouth, Cumbria as well as odour assessments for two public house Abatement Notices, in Stourbridge and Middlewich, in 2012.

He has also acted as an Expert Witness in support of an Appeal for residential schemes adjacent to road traffic sources.

To contact Graeme please email him Graeme Blacklock