Client: Glencairn Hotel (Pty) Ltd

Proposed Upgrading of Glencairn Hotel, Glencairn

The owner of Glencairn Hotel is proposing to upgrade the hotel and to develop the remainder of the property (Erf 2454, Glencairn) for residential, retail and office use. It is also proposed to formalise and expand the existing parking area on the Remainder of Erf 235, located opposite Glencairn Hotel. SLR has been appointed to undertake the required Basic Assessment process.


On 10 September 2018, DEA&DP granted and issued an Environmental Authorisation (EA) for the project in terms of the National Environmental Management Act (No. 107 of 1998), as amended. This gives the applicant authorisation to upgrade the existing Glencairn Hotel, to construct new retail, residential and office facilities on Erf No. 2454, and to expand the existing parking area on Erf No. 234, Glencairn. No appeals against the decision were received during the legislated appeal process. Construction of the project will commence in due course. The EA and approved EMP, which will be implemented during the construction phase, is available for download below.

Contact Person:

Jonathan Crowther


Environmental Authorisation

Basic Assessment Report