Client: Saldanha Bay IDZ (SOC) Licencing Company (SBIDZ-LC)

Saldanha Bay IDZ: Proposed Used Lubricant Oil Recycling Facility at the Saldanha Bay Industrial Development Zone

The SBIDZ-LC received an Environmental Authorisation (EA) for the development of an oil and gas offshore service complex within the declared Saldanha Bay IDZ in November 2015. At the the time of the initial application for EA, it was not known which future operations and specific industries would be established within this area. It was thus not possible to account for all possible activities that might trigger the need for an EA. SBIDZ-LC is now seeking approval for the development of a used lubricant oil recycling facility within the declared SBIDZ area.

The National Environmental Management: Waste Act, 2008 (No. 59 of 2008) (NEM: WA) regulates all aspects of waste management and has an emphasis on waste avoidance and minimisation. Listed waste management activities above certain thresholds are subject to a process of impact assessment and licensing. The proposed development of a used lubricant oil recycling facility is listed in Category B of GN. 921 of 2013. As such, a full Scoping and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process in terms of the National Environmental Management Act (No. 107 of 1998) is to be undertaken as part of a Waste Management Licence (WML) application. SLR has been appointed to undertake the required joint Scoping and EIA process.


The Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) has been updated to a Final EIR, taking into consideration the comments received on the draft report. All comments received have been responded to in a Comments and Responses Report which has been appended to the Final EIR. The Final EIR has been submitted to DEFF for decision-making. For information purposes the full report is available for download below. All registered Interested and Affected Parties will be notified once DEFF has made a decision.

Contact Person:

Candice Sadan / Eloise Costandius