Client: Lead and Solder Sales cc (LASS)

Lead and Solder Sales CC: Atmospheric Emission Licence for the Rectification of the Unlawful Conduct of Listed Activities

LASS is situated within Saxon Industrial Park in Bellville South, Cape Town, where it produces a range of lead, solder and pewter products. The operation, which commenced in 1992, was authorised by means of a Registration Certificate for lead processing in terms of the repealed Air Pollution and Prevention Act (No. 45 of 1965). Application for the conversion of the Registration Certificate to an Atmospheric Emission Licence (AEL) in terms of the National Environmental Management: Air Quality Act (No. 39 of 2004) was not made by 31 March 2014. In July 2016, LASS received a directive from the CoCT Air Quality Management Unit that a rectification process in terms of Section 22A of NEMAQA must be done in order to apply for an AEL. SLR has been appointed to undertake the required AEL application process.


An application for an AEL in terms of Section 22A for the conducting, without an AEL, of an activity listed in terms of Section 21 of NEMAQA has been compiled. The Application Form and Section 22A Environmental Impact Assessment Report has been made available for a 30-day public and authority review and comment period from 4 October to 5 November 2018. All the documentation is available for download below. Any comment on the EIR and Application must reach SLR by no later than 5 November 2018 for consideration in decision-making.

Contact Person:

Mandy Kula / Fuad Fredericks