Client: South African National Roads Agency SOC Limited (SANRAL)

Proposed Improvement of the N7, Section 2 between Rooidraai (km 7.49) and Moorreesburg (km 33.90)

SANRAL is proposing to improve 26.41 km of the N7, Section 2 between Rooidraai (km 7.49) and Moorreesburg (km 33.90) (the route) located within the Swartland Local Municipality, Western Cape (the proposed project). The proposed project mainly entail the provision of additional climbing / passing lanes and widening the road and associated infrastructure in certain areas. Four bridge structures and six major culverts would need widening along the route, and accesses which do not meet the SANRAL standards for sight distance will be further investigated during the final engineering design stage in order to determine how the sight distance could be improved. Ancillary works mainly include the following:

  • Installation of concrete-lined side drains with subsoil drains;
  • Replacement of minor culverts; and
  • Resurfacing of intersections with provincial roads and major farm accesses.

SLR has been appointed by JG Afrika (Pty) Ltd, on behalf of SANRAL, to undertake the required Basic Assessment process for the proposed project.


After closure of the comment period on the draft Basic Assessment Report (BAR), the report was updated to a Final BAR and submitted to the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries for decision-making, taking into consideration the comments received. All registered Interested and Affected Parties will be notified of the decision and subsequent appeal period. The full final document is available for download below.

Contact Person:

Candice Sadan