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SLR and the Southeast & Caribbean Disaster Resilience Partnership

Jon Philipsborn Manager of Climate Resilience
Jon Philipsborn

Jon serves as SLR’s Climate Resilience Manager. He advises clients on the strategic integration of climate change into planning, project development, and management decisions. This includes supporting public and private sector clients with disaster preparedness and climate resilience planning and identifying and implementing adaptation strategies. Jon is excited to work collaboratively on developing inclusive, meaningful, cross-sectoral partnerships, across geographies, that create positive climate, conservation and community outcomes.

The Southeast & Caribbean Disaster Resilience Partnership (SCDRP) is a diverse and multi-disciplinary affiliation of public, private, and non-profit organisations with the focus on strengthening the regions’ resilience to and ability to recover from climate change and extreme weather events. The SCDRP Annual Meeting will be held in Maimi, Florida on January 24th and 25th featuring SLR Climate Resilience Manager, Jon Philipsborn, an SCDRP Advisory Board Member, who will be moderating a session on shelter in a changing climate: “Shelter: Before, During, & After a Disaster.” Featured topics included in this Annual Meeting include Resilience Updates for the region, Rapid Recovery Between Serial Disasters and Effective Resilience Partnerships.

As a sponsor of the event, SLR is pleased to be supporting scholarship recipients, allowing students focused on the topic of disaster resilience from across the region to attend and participate in the SCDRP Annual Meeting.

SLR is a leader in climate resilience and adaptation planning, design, and implementation. We take a holistic approach to assessing and responding to climate change – through planning, design, engineering, and nature. Our work helps communities, states and companies consider what climate change will mean to you and provides hazard mitigation and adaptation strategies that create healthy and safe communities and protect critical infrastructure and the environment.

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