Green mine landscape

Charbon Colliery Closure


New South Wales, Australia

The Charbon Colliery is currently undergoing closure. The site has several underground and above ground facilities as well as two Tailings Storage Facilities (TSF).

Our objectives included:

  • Provide final landform development options
  • Assess site material availability and usability for final closure objectives as cover and construction material
  • Provide potential TSF cover design options that are cost and material effective

Our team undertook the following services:

  • Review existing site information to provide advice regarding facility closure and rehabilitation
  • Provide design options for the review of the client and the Department of Resources and Energy (DRE) in New South Wales
  • Design cover for the facilities that accounts for long term climactic conditions and consolidation settlement
  • Liaise with the DRE and client to ensure that the project meets approval standards
  • Provide an analysis of the design options to provide selection guidance with respect to preferred landform closure and cover design

SLR provided final closure landform options that utilise site available material and geography, as well as the provision of preliminary cost estimates
for cover and rehabilitation.

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