Providing Insight to Nufarm



SLR acqusition, HFL Consulting has worked closely with Nufarm UK for a number of years. With a desire for continuous improvement in process safety, the UK manufacturing site invited us to benchmark their key Risk Control Systems against recognised good practice guidance. The assessment was to be carried out using HFL Consulting’s INSIGHT Lifecycle® assessment tool, which had previously been used to carry out the UK chemical industry’s first ever Process Safety Management benchmarking programme; a programme that was supported by both the CIA and HSE.

Nufarm’s major challenge was how to effectively develop and implement a global Process Safety Management system. Four of the sites involved were in Europe, whilst the other two were in the USA and Australia. The sites had differing cultures and had to meet different regulatory requirements.

Working closely with the site management teams, our consultants compared and contrasted different approaches that had emerged under quite different regulatory regimes so that common compliant operating principles could be established.

Key services included:

  • Management Alignment
  • Benchmarking
  • Policy Development
  • Policy Deployment
  • Continuous Improvement

Results included:

  • Clear global policies that can be understood by all
  • Realistic objectives and targets for each site
  • Measurement metrics for critical parts of key risk control systems
  • Audit methodologies at site level and for reporting to Group
  • Coherent management review procedures

Action plans and tracking for remedial measures

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