SLR air quality and compliance team stay at the forefront of evolving air regulations and science.

How can we help?

The global air quality team brings experience with the assessment of impacts associated across all business sectors including Oil and Gas, Mining and Minerals, Industry, Power, Infrastructure, and Built Environment.

With an increasing global population, heightened social awareness of critical environmental issues, and the expansion of international regulatory framework, air quality resource management is emerging as a priority for industries and governments around the world.  

Our services include:

  • Air Permitting
  • Air Toxics Health Risk Assessments

  • Ambient Air/Meteorological Monitoring

  • Air Quality Program Management

  • Dispersion Modelling

  • Compliance Management

  • Emissions and Control Studies

  • Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR)

  • Expert Witness

Our team includes

  • Morgan Fitzpatrick Technical Discipline Manager
    Morgan Fitzpatrick

    Morgan has extensive experience of carrying out air quality impact assessments for EIA, Environmental Permitting, human health risk assessments, and occupational exposure purposes, involving monitoring, modelling and research for a range of developments, including the minerals, energy, wastewater, solid waste, food and drink, intensive agriculture and chemical sectors. Morgan is accomplished in the use of atmospheric dispersion modelling techniques using a range of models including Industrial Source Complex (ISC), AERMOD, IRAP-h, and ADMS.

  • Rachel McHale Principal Consultant
    Rachel McHale

    Rachel has undertaken assessments for a wide range of industries including the minerals, built environment, energy, wastewater, solid waste and composting sectors. These have been used for planning and permit applications, justification of asset renewal and resolution of complaint issues. Rachel has also been extensively involved in assessing the impact of mineral developments, being an active member of the working group for the publication of the IAQM Guidance on the Assessment of Mineral Dust Impacts for Planning. Work within the mineral sector includes the preparation of environmental impact assessments, dust action plans, baseline studies and vehicle emission assessments.

  • Graeme Blacklock Technical Director
    Graeme Blacklock

    Graeme is a Technical Director with SLR in the field of air quality. Graeme has over 15-years’ consultancy experience, during which time experience includes the production and project management of extensive air quality projects and is a Chartered Environmentalist and Member of the Institute of Air Quality Management. Graeme has experience in all aspects of air quality consultancy including odour testing, modelling and research, including the provision of Expert Witness Services.  

  • Deever Bradley Environmental Specialist Services Manager
    Deever Bradley

    Experienced Professional Engineer with extensive history in the environmental services industry. Strong leadership, mentoring, and technical skills with broad industry and Agency relationships and experience in providing value to clients. Highly skilled in Air Permitting, Compliance, and Pollution Control, Climate Change, Environmental and Management Systems Auditing, Technical Litigation Support (civil and criminal), EHS Consulting, and Project and Programme Management/Delivery. Nationally recognised subject matter expertise in Leak Detection and Repair. Environmental consulting experience for industrial and government clients in 42 states, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Canada, and Mexico for clients in the Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Pipeline & Terminal, Manufacturing, Power, and Government Sectors. Projects include applicability assessments, NSR, NNSR, PSD, and Title V permitting, NSPS, NESHAP, and MACT compliance, BACT analysis, and emissions estimation for numerous industrial sources including chemical manufacturing, petroleum refining, pipelines, and oil & gas operations. Assisted with enforcement actions related to NEIC, DOJ, state, and local civil or criminal environmental investigations helped implement air permitting, and enhanced programme enhancements under Consent Decrees or Agreed Orders.