Our team has experience in municipal public works, as well as private sector construction. Our experience includes roadways, bridges, buildings, and infrastructure such as water treatment plants, & water and sewer mains. Every design team has an inspector embedded in it, providing quality control and construction expertise. 

The integration of our inspectors with our design team allows us to reduce project change orders and manage construction costs better than our competitors. During project construction our certified inspectors play a pivotal role by providing communication between contractors, design engineers, project proponents and often, the public. Consistent with all our service offerings, our inspection staff foster respect among all parties on a construction site to achieve the common goals of on-time and on-budget. 

How can we help?

SLR can help by providing construction administration during the design and construction of a project. Additionally, we are experienced in all phases of value engineering, pre-workshop to post-workshop. The SLR Construction Services team engages in many different types of construction oversight, from periodic site visits to full-time resident engineering and inspection. 

Our team includes

  • Richard Johnson European Engineering Operations Manager
    Richard Johnson

    Richard is the Engineering Operations Manager for SLR’s European region. In his previous role within the SLR Group, Richard was Director and Chief Operating Officer with SLR Consulting (Canada) Ltd with specific responsibility for operations management of SLR’s business in Canada.

    Richard has 30 years’ technical experience in feasibility assessment, investigation, design, contract preparation, procurement and management of a variety of infrastructure and building construction projects including commercial, residential and industrial. Richard has experience in geological and geotechnical investigation and design for a variety of construction projects including building foundations, slopes stability (rock and soil) roads and tunnels. Specifically, Richard has over 20 years’ experience in the technical due diligence, feasibility assessment, design, procurement and construction oversight of waste treatment infrastructure including Landfill, MBT, AD, MRF and EfW. 

    Richard has extensive experience supporting commercial and technical due diligence for infrastructure projects across Europe and North America.

  • David Purcell Technical Director
    David Purcell

    David is a Technical Director in the Civil and Structural Engineering Team and has over 25 years' experience in all forms of engineering. He is particularly familiar with the waste industry including Household Waste Recycling Centres, Depots, Landfills, Transfer Stations, AD Facilities, IVC/MBT Facilities and EfW projects. The majority of projects are taken from concept and feasibility all the way through the design process to construction support and supervision of the construction. David also acts as a Principal Designer reviewing the safety aspects through the life of a project.

  • Thomas Balskus Manager of Construction Engineering
    Thomas Balskus

    Tom offers a broad range of experience in the areas of civil and construction engineering. Project experience includes design of stormwater management, highway design, sanitary sewer, and dam/ spillway design. Construction experience includes inspection and administration, feasibility, and project coordination on state and federally funded transportation and other infrastructure projects. 

  • David Ritchie Managing Principal, Mine Waste Engineering Manager
    David Ritchie

    David has over 23 years of experience with tailings, mine waste, and water management facility design for global mining clients and direct experience with embankment dam design, instrumentation and performance monitoring, and safety stewardship within Canada and the CDA guidelines. In addition to a focus on tailings facility design, David has direct experience with site selection studies, dam design and construction, operations and closure.