SLR supports a wide range of local, regional and international clients with Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) services across the power / renewable energy, mining, infrastructure, industry, oil & gas, and built environment sectors.

We work closely with project teams to identify potential environmental and social risks/impacts, and develop inclusive, pragmatic and affordable strategies that avoid, mitigate and/or offset significant impacts and risks.

We believe that our ability to merge technical & regulatory knowledge with extensive practical experience sets us apart from other consultants. In addition to the legislation, guidelines and policies at a country level, our team frequently works with the frameworks adopted by international funding institutions (IFIs) including the World Bank, IFC, EBRD, EIB, ADB, AFDB, AFD, KFW and OPIC. With this knowledge and experience our team supports clients to achieve technical optimisation, regulatory approval, international funding, value adding environmental social and governance (ESG) performance, and social license to operate.

We operate as one team and service clients from our international network of offices and local partners covering multiple countries in Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East. This global reach provides our team with an in-depth understanding of the broader ESG issues that are becoming increasingly important as our clients strive to develop and operate projects that meet the needs of all stakeholders including investors, lenders regulators, NGOs, communities and employees.

How can we help?

  • Development of ESIA documents
  • Development of Environmental and Social Management and Monitoring Plans (ESMMP)
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory/agency/IFI ESIA requirements
  • ESIA Screening
  • ESIA Scoping
  • Environmental and Social Baselines and Monitoring
  • ESIA Project Management
  • Environmental Audits
  • Human Rights Assessments
  • Gender Based Assessment and Action Plans
  • Climate change impact analysis and adaptation
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Consultation Plans
  • Resettlement Action Plans
  • Livelihood Restoration Plans
  • Land Access, Acquisition and Compensation Plans
  • Indigenous people assessments
  • Ecosystem services assessment
  • Environmental flow assessment
  • Critical habitat assessment
  • Biodiversity offset management plans

Our team includes

  • Alan Mitchell Technical Discipline Manager
    Alan Mitchell
  • Adrian French Technical Director
    Adrian French

    Adrian is Planning and EIA Lead for the UK Power Sector. He is a Chartered Town Planner, Chartered Resource & Waste Manager, Chartered Environmentalist, and a Fellow of the Institute of Quarrying. He also a member of the National Infrastructure Planning Association (NIPA) and the Energy Managers Association (EMA). 

    His extensive experience includes complex planning projects including: the masterplanning of business parks, urban extensions and university campuses; renewable energy development (wind, solar photovoltaics and pumped storage hydro), standby generation (gas, diesel, biofuel and battery), waste management facilities, wastewater treatment schemes, mineral operations, vertical farming, and port and marine interface developments.

    With over 30 years’ in local government, in consultancy and in renewables development, Adrian has significant experience managing planning applications and multidisciplinary teams working on power, utility, and infrastructure development projects

  • Dominique Buffin Technical Director
    Dominique Buffin

    Dominique has extensive experience in EBRD/IFC/World Bank/ADB-compliant Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and Due Diligences for large infrastructure and industrial projects from across Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. He has worked for private firms, lenders and governmental agencies from appraisal and feasibility to implementation, monitoring and evaluation. His work has focused on hydropower and other renewable power initiatives, port development, exploration or production phases of large extractive industries projects, transmission lines, and water supply and sanitation.

  • Brandon Stobart Operations Manager and Financial Sector Leader – Europe
    Brandon Stobart

    Brandon has 22 years of experience in environmental & social impact assessment, planning, permitting, and due diligence for international green and brown field projects in a range of sectors including: mining, industry, infrastructure, power, and oil & gas. Key elements of this experience include:  development and implementation of ESG strategies; and assisting project teams to navigate both country legislation and the environmental and social frameworks of international funding institutions.