SLR provides geomatic surveying, offering our experience in a wide range of industries for topographical, hydrographic, and building surveying services.

Our surveying services extend to reach various industries, including energy, waste management, planning and development, civil engineering, and construction.

How can we help?

SLR’s survey teams are strategically based, and utilise a selection of surveying equipment, including GPS satellite surveying, RPAS drone surveys and imagery, robotic total stations, traditional total stations, and boat surveys using depth and location detectors.

  • Topographic Survey – SLR’s team undertake topographic surveys for a wide range of developments including those related to infrastructure, energy, waste management, planning, and development.
  • Development Surveying – use of topographic and hydrographical surveys in the provision of land management, planning, permitting and other land management activities.
  • CAD, 3D Ground Modelling and Design – SLR uses a variety of industry standard packages to produce drawings for a variety of requirements such as elevation detail and cross sections.

In addition, SLR services major national surveying contracts for clients with specific requirements, from site surveys, setting out, void volume calculations, and design.

Our team includes

  • Vernon Quaddy Technical Discipline Manager
    Vernon Quaddy

    Vernon’s experience focuses on waste management and the minerals industries. He has extensive experience of managing survey contracts throughout the UK, supporting various clients and industries, offering a wide range of services in surveying, including CAD and design/ground modelling team capability. He manages contracts specialising in all surveying matters from project management, to the design and creation of working schemes for planning and development.

  • Arjun Sharma Associate Land Surveyor
    Arjun Sharma

    Arjun is a land surveyor with 10 years’ experience predominantly working in the mining and aggregates industry nationwide. He has helped SLR acquire a multicopter UAV for precision surveys within the waste management and aggregates sectors. Using the UAV we are now able survey larger areas in unprecedented detail along with producing additional resources such as scaled, georeferenced orthophotos to provide clients with an up to date snapshot of their sites. The UAV is an excellent survey tool which complements our conventional survey equipment ultimately providing a greater range of solutions for our clients whilst maintaining accuracy.

  • Gareth Hicks Associate Land Surveyor
    Gareth Hicks

    Gareth Hicks is a Geomatics Land Surveyor with over 20 years of experience. Gareth has worked on railway, construction, engineering, infrastructure, redevelopment and land remediation projects throughout the UK and internationally, namely in the Bahamas. Most recently his work in the UK has predominantly been in the renewable energy and waste sectors. Gareth’s expertise includes topographical surveys, measured building surveys, bathymetric (Inshore Hydrographic) surveys, engineering surveys including setting out, laser scanning, CAD design/ drafting and 3D Modelling.

  • Michael Mansfield Manager of Land Surveying
    Michael Mansfield

    Mike has a diverse range of experience in surveying and civil engineering. He is responsible for supervising and coordinating the work of field crews, boundary computations, land record searches, GPS calibrations, as-built plans, and the preparation of maps with an emphasis on computer applications, including uniting CADD systems with field survey operations.