SLR applies artistic principles and technical design standards to provide sustainable solutions to our projects - creating value and opportunities for our clients and the community.

Through careful analysis of the natural landscape and the programmatic needs of our clients, our landscape architects collaborate with engineers, planners and scientists, to enable us to achieve well informed, integrated solutions on challenging projects for both natural and urban landscapes. These solutions are creatively planned and designed to ensure respect for the surrounding landforms, viewsheds, and the environment, whilst meeting the needs of our clients and local communities.

How can we help?

We offer a wide range of professional landscape, environmental and urban services with design work that ranges from urban streetscapes to site development plans.  Our diverse client base has afforded us a broad range of experience and unique design challenges.

The expertise of our landscape architecture team is proven through our award winning, sustainable, and locally responsive designs and plans. Our passion is reflected in the quality of our delivered projects for both private and public clients.

Our range of landscape design and planning services can assist in taking a project from an idea and guiding it through site assessment, feasibility study, masterplanning, permitting, detailed design and implementation.

We have experience and expertise in advising and supporting clients across a range of projects including:

  • Environmental restoration, sustainable design, and habitat creation
  • Residential, commercial and industrial development
  • Urban design and streetscapes
  • Bikeways, greenways, and multi-use trails 
  • Sporting facilities
  • Parks, playgrounds, and recreational design   
  • Power sector and renewable energy support
  • Landscape and visual impact assessments
  • Capacity studies for landscape and urban design schemes
  • High quality graphics, and virtual reality
  • Expert witness testimony

Our team includes

  • Emma Jinks Technical Discipline Manager
    Emma Jinks

    Emma has extensive experience in Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA), Landscape Capacity and Green Belt Assessment, as well as, detailed planting and ecological design, contract administration, implementation, landscape management and consultation. Emma has contributed to environmental assessment reports for a variety of projects including residential, renewable energy, waste, transport, power stations and flood defences as part of the environmental design and assessment process and the development of landscape mitigation proposals.

  • Jeremy Smith Director
    Jeremy Smith

    Jeremy has acted as an expert witness on landscape and visual matters at over 40 inquiries and hearings. He has often been asked to assess and design large-scale developments, particularly those in sensitive locations such as national landscape designations and Green Belt. He has worked on large scale mineral and waste projects, power projects and residential and commercial developments, and has also drafted guidance for the Environment Agency and Local Authorities. Jeremy has also carried out landscape projects in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

  • Rose Borrajo Project
    Rose Borrajo

    Rose completed her bachelor’s and master’s in Landscape Architecture at the University of Sheffield. At this early stage in her carer she has chosen to work on a broad array of projects, with the aim to overtime develop a specialism. As a result, she currently supports various members in her team on tasks relating to residential, mineral, waste, power stations and urban design projects. In the past she has also had the opportunity to diversify her skills whilst spending summers undertaking bat surveys, great crest newt and reptile surveys. Rose is a Licentiate Membership with the Landscape Institute and values the support this gives her on her path to chartership.

  • Chhaya Khera Associate
    Chhaya Khera

    Chhaya has varied and extensive international professional experience. She has led and worked with design and construction teams in the UK, USA, the Middle East and in India, where she has worked on landscape masterplanning, landscape and urbanscape design. This has included design development and detailed design, landscape and visual assessment, contract administration and implementation, and landscape planning projects. She has also been involved in teaching undergraduate courses in Design at one of the leading architecture schools in New Delhi, India.