SLR’s Process Engineering team provide technical insight and compliance support across a variety of industries. Our engineers help clients take a systematic approach to new developments or plant improvement projects.

Our team has Chartered Chemical and Mechanical Engineers, and the relevant background and experience to offer advice across different industries. Our technical expertise ensures our clients identify plant issues early and find solutions to make necessary improvements.

How can we help? 

The SLR Process Engineering team assist clients in ensuring they comply with their regulatory requirements relating to industrial wastewater cost-effectively. This can involve tasks related to; design and implementation of waste minimisation processes on production lines, existing treatment plant operation and maintenance, including troubleshooting and process optimisation, new treatment plant selection, specification, and commissioning, regulator liaison and expert witness services.

The team also lends their technical expertise to complete Technical Due Diligence on the development of new processing plants or acquisitions. This work often carries forward to providing contract support, acting as Owner’s Engineer and carrying out Performance Testing of new plants and equipment.

The team can carry out this work across industries thanks to their systematic approach, but have specific experience with food and drink, whisky distilleries, recycling, energy from waste, and anaerobic digestion plants.

Our team includes

  • Stephen Bell Technical Discipline Manager
    Stephen Bell

    Stephen is a Chartered Engineer and Chartered Waste Manager. He leads the SLR Process Engineering team in Europe and is a specialist in the design, construction and operation of recycling and waste management facilities including thermal, biological and solid waste treatment. He is a subject matter expert on material recovery and recycling facilities. Stephen has over 30 years’ experience of the waste management industry including waste and recycling processing, transport and operations, infrastructure development and construction, expert witness work, asset management and performance improvement and bidding and winning PFI/PPP tenders. The mix of operational, engineering and project skills gives a full appreciation of all aspects of the waste and construction industries and the needs of both private and public-sector clients.


  • Iria Nicolás Principal Process Engineer
    Iria Nicolás

    Iria is a hands-on process engineer with extensive experience in commissioning and management in the chemical and waste industries. She is also a specialist in quality control and laboratory supervision, and has set up several industrial laboratories, developed sampling plans and analysis methods in manufacturing, polymers recycling and waste sectors.

    With over 15 years of experience in the industry, her capabilities include commissioning and operation of mechanical treatment, anaerobic digestion, dewatering, odour control and water treatment plants, as well as business case reviews and feasibility studies for waste treatment plants and gasification.

    Iria’s diverse background and cross-discipline experience lend to a wide appreciation of the circumstances, allowing her to approach challenges from a different perspective and consider a range of applicable solutions.

  • Euan Munro Associate Process Engineer
    Euan Munro

    Euan is a Chartered Chemical Engineer and came to SLR after seven years of managing the operations of Sugar, Whisky and Animal Feed manufacturing plants as well as Anaerobic Digestion and Industrial Wastewater treatment systems. He leads the team in Process Safety related projects including HAZOP and HAZID studies, Major Accident to the Environment assessments, support with COMAH Safety Reports, and DSEAR assessments. Euan is well versed in the applicable legislation across many sectors and can offer practical solutions to safety and environmental protection, while ensuring regulator satisfaction.

  • Danny Jones Principal Process Engineer
    Danny Jones

    Danny is a Principal with SLR and has over 20 years of experience in landfill management, specialising in the management, treatment and disposal of landfill leachate. In his role within SLR’s Process Engineering and Process Safety Group Danny provides consultancy services to a wide range of UK and overseas clients on issues relating to landfill leachate management and treatment of industrial waste waters.