SLR understands the investment cycle and works closely with clients to ensure the due diligence approach suits the nature and complexity of the transaction, whether it be for raising project finance, acquisition, divestiture, private equity, joint venture or shareholding deals. 

Our team advises on complex transaction issues across major sectors including industry, real estate, mining, power, oil & gas, and financial services.   

How can we help?

SLR has direct experience in: 

  • Environmental and Social Governance (ESG)  

  • Multinational projects 

  • Multi-site projects  

  • Valuation of complex environmental risks  

  • Private equity acquisitions or divestitures  

  • Purchaser Due Diligence  

  • Due diligence support for financial institutions  

  • Large acquisitions or divestitures  

  • Insurance product reviews

  • Expert Litigation and Expert Witness 

Our team includes

  • Alban Forster Infrastructure Sector Leader - Europe
    Alban Forster

    Alban has 30 years professional experience in the field of commercial, technical and environmental due diligence, across the waste and energy sectors. His specialist areas include; business planning and market analysis, strategy development and policy review strategic plan development, procurement support and operational service reviews. He has worked on transactional due diligence studies for banks; assessing the feasibility of numerous infrastructure assets, biomass and waste to energy schemes, business viability and environmental risk.

  • Julie Gartside Advisory Services Leader - Europe
    Julie Gartside

    Julie is a mechanical engineer who works with national government, private and public sector organisations from a number of sectors, to understand the impacts of carbon and energy legislation and reporting schemes on their business. Julie helps organisations to integrate their response to legislation into normal business operations so that compliance can be easily achieved and well as developing strategies to reduce energy use and carbon emissions, and hence costs.

  • Dave Craze Technical Director
    Dave Craze

    Dave has more than 30 years’ experience of environmental transactional due diligence, Environmental & Social Governance and contaminated land assessment. Dave has managed multi-site due diligence projects across a range of industrial, waste management and oil & gas businesses, as well as having completed numerous contamination investigation, remediation design, risk assessment, remediation implementation/closeout projects. David has undertaken pre and post investment ESG assessments for investment clients. Clients include major lending/merchant banks, private equity/venture capital companies, residential/commercial development companies, regulatory authorities, industrial companies and landowners.

  • Ewan Whyte Technical Director
    Ewan Whyte

    Ewan is an international oil and gas industry expert with over 25 years of technical, sales and management experience in the fields of wellbore construction, exploration & production software, integrated services consultancy and project management. Through his field and project experience he has a detailed knowledge of well construction planning and operations, and a broad, cross-disciplinary understanding of the tasks, skills and interactions of teams in the upstream energy industry. Increasingly he is adapting this experience to support clients through the Energy Transition.