Our technical specialists provide guidance on acoustics, noise and vibration for a wide scope of projects ranging from city scale environments to detailed building or infrastructure elements.

Our goal is to create functional, comfortable indoor and outdoor environments which are compatible with their surroundings. We offer unique expertise and practical solutions, from planning through to construction, which balance potential environmental issues with the need for development.

How can we help?

Using state-of-the-art tools and equipment, SLR can assist our clients by modelling, predicting and verifying acoustical, noise and vibration performance . Our experts have worked on projects all over the word, providing services for:

  • Architectural acoustical design – building services noise and vibration control
  • Industrial facilities and machine vibration
  • Transportation noise and vibration impact assessments for road, rail, air, sea
  • Renewable energy and power generation acoustics
  • Underwater acoustics monitoring, modelling and assessments
  • Structural dynamics investigations and mitigation
  • Mining / quarrying noise and vibration
  • LNG facility acoustics
  • Aeroacoustics investigations and mitigation
  • Construction noise and vibration impact assessments
  • City noise mapping and land use compatibility

Our team

  • Benedict Sarton Technical Director
    Benedict Sarton

    Benedict has project managed noise and vibration impact surveys, assessments and full EIA’s for industrial, mineral, waste, renewable energy and residential developments throughout the UK. Benedict has an in-depth knowledge of current noise and vibration legislation and liaises with clients, environmental health officers, planners, and architects and has experience of writing proofs of evidence for use in public enquires.

  • Michelle Dawson Technical Discipline Manager
    Michelle Dawson

    Michelle has over thirteen years consultancy experience in acoustics and noise control, and is a Corporate Member of the Institute of Acoustics. Michelle's responsibilities include project managing environmental noise and vibration assessments for residential, industrial, and infrastructure developments, representing clients at Planning Committee, Appeal, and Public Inquiry, and mentoring junior members of staff.

  • Trevor Olver Principal
    Trevor Olver

    Trevor has over 15 years’ experience working within the acoustic consultancy field, with experience in residential, industrial and energy developments including wind farms. He works alongside local authority, government, industrial and private sector clients, undertaking noise and vibration assessments to relevant standards and guidelines.

  • Stuart Hill Associate
    Stuart Hill

    Stuart’s area of expertise lies within the renewal energy sector, where he has over eight years’ experience as an acoustic consultant.  Stuart has provided wind farm, energy storage and solar farm noise assessments for the UK market implementing ETSU-R-97 / BS4142 methodologies.  This also included background noise monitoring, data analysis and noise predictions as well as construction noise assessments in line with current best practice


architecture blueprints

The devil is in the acoustic details: (part one) Metal studs

Brad Pridham Principal, Technical Director – Vibration & Acoustics
Brad Pridham

Brad is a vibration and acoustics specialist, with a special interest in vibration control related to structural systems. He has 15+ years of experience solving complex vibration and acoustic problems.  During his career he has worked on hundreds of high profile projects throughout the world and has been actively involved in vibration design for high rise, health care and laboratory facilities, as well as long-span highway and pedestrian bridges.  His experience also includes wind-tunnel testing and damper design for buildings and bridges.

train at train station

The art of rail noise policy

Briony Croft Principal, Acoustical Consultant
Briony Croft

Briony has over fifteen years of experience encompassing design, project management, acoustic consulting and collaborative research with industry.  Her experience includes the measurement, modelling, assessment and control of noise and vibration emissions from industry, ports, mines, railways, roads, airports and construction sites. Her particular areas of interest are railway noise and vibration source control, noise impacts to people and wildlife, and underwater noise and vibration affecting fish and marine mammals.

wall joints

The devil is in the acoustic details (part two): Acoustic caulking - wall joints

Darron Chin-Quee Principal
Darron Chin-Quee

Darron has 30 years of experience providing practical advice for environmental assessments and building design on projects in almost every continent. These encompass buildings of every kind. Major focuses of his work are higher education academic buildings, research labs,  health care, justice and other institutional projects.  These are some of the most technically challenging buildings many of which require balancing sustainability, air quality, wind, snow microclimate, EMI/RFI, acoustics, noise and  extremely vibration-sensitive uses.