Air Quality

The SLR Air Quality, Dust and Odour team consists of over 70 specialist consultants operating worldwide providing air quality advice to clients across SLR’s seven core sectors.

The global air quality team has experience with the assessment of impacts associated across all business sectors including: urban renewal and development (residential, industrial and retail), quarrying and mining, petrochemicals, transport and infrastructure, renewable energy, oil and gas, intensive agriculture, waste management and wastewater treatment.

How can SLR help?

Air quality monitoring

  • Compliance monitoring, recordkeeping and reporting
  • Ambient air quality and meteorological monitoring
  • Quality assured monitoring for air pollutants, dust and odour
  • Real-time data analysis and reporting

Air quality modelling and assessment

  • Atmospheric dispersion modelling
  • Human health risk assessments
  • Landfill gas risk assessments
  • Odour and dust impact assessments
  • Bio-aerosol risk assessments
  • Transport emissions impact assessments

Air quality management

  • Strategic air quality planning
  • Licensing/Permitting of industrial installations
  • Fugitive emissions management and nuisance investigation
  • Process and plant due diligence and engineering studies
  • Public relations
  • Expert witness and testimony

With our specialist in-house expertise, members of the SLR air quality team are able to undertake a full compliance/best practice assessment of an existing installation or help to support planning decisions regarding new development and the impact of change of land-use.

Whether your project involves simple screening of impacts or detailed atmospheric dispersion modelling, the SLR air quality team has the staff and experience to meet your needs.

Air Permitting

Cleaner Air Oregon

Cleaner Air Oregon (CAO) is a state health risk-based air toxics regulatory program that adds requirements to Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) existing air permitting. New and existing facilities in Oregon that emit toxic air contaminants are required to assess the health impacts associated with those air toxic emissions.[...]

Compliance Management

SLR’s air quality engineers, modelers, and toxicologists are expert in developing air toxics emission inventories and applying USEPA and District-approved air dispersion models and risk characterization procedures to support construction permit applications, AB2588 HRAs, and Proposition 65 evaluations.

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