CFD, Wind & Energy

SLR is a leading provider of professional Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) services to the building and complex process industries where we have gained extensive experience in modelling mechanical, chemical and environmental processes.

Our CFD capability provides sophisticated solutions to a wide range of fundamental fluid problems combined with full scale measurements.

  • Incompressible and compressible flow, Newtonian and non-Newtonian flow
  • Pressure drop, separation and filtration
  • Fire hazard and smoke analysis
  • Moving body flow environments (fans, pumps, turbines, mixers)
  • 3-D multiphase and chemical reactions
  • Duct flow visualisation and improvement of flow conditions
  • Pollutant dispersal and air quality analysis inside and around tunnels
  • Heating and ventilation modelling, concept and detailed designs
  • Aerodynamic modelling
  • Microclimate Modelling
  • Wind-induced loading, wave and blast analysis
  • Fluid flow and structure coupling using CFD and FEA Codes


For over three decades, SLR has established a reputation for providing specialist, high quality wind engineering services. We provide advice and support in the following areas:

  • Statistical Analysis of Wind and other Meteorological Parameters
  • Wind Impact Assessments - Pedestrian Comfort and Safety - and Design Advice to Limit Adverse Wind Effects
  • Wind Tunnel Testing: Environmental, Structural and Cladding
  • Design of Tunes Mass Dampers for Buildings, Towers and Bridges
  • Outdoor Air Quality & Pollutant Dispersion CFD Studies
  • Indoor Air Quality & Natural Ventilation CFD Studies
  • Expert Testimony in Wind Effects, Wind Loading, Wind-Induced Damage
  • Site identification and Wind Energy feasibility assessment, Project development including planning and permitting support


SLR is involved in helping organisations assess their energy usage and the feasibility of replacing existing energy arrangements with renewable alternatives, including PV Solar, Wind Turbine, Co/Tri-Generation, Geothermal and integrated solutions combining Co/Trigeneration with waste-to-energy options (e.g. biomass fuel options).

We have proven and extensive experience in:

  • Energy-related meteorological data analysis and climate modelling
  • Accredited energy assessments (Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Audits)
  • Thermal Comfort Modelling and Thermal Optimisation of Building Facades
  • Passive Ventilation and Air Change Effectiveness Modelling
  • Embodied Energy / Life Cycle Assessments
  • Energy and Green Star Rating
  • Selecting renewable energy options: Solar versus Cogen/Trigen versus Geothermal
  • Solar Installations: Planning, Analysis, Design and Tender Specification
  • Cogen/Trigen Projects: Analysis, Design and Tender Specifications
  • Geothermal Projects: Analysis, Design and Tender Specifications
  • Project management during installation stage, site inspections, quality control, OHS management
  • Financial assessment of renewable energy options
  • Identification of sources of energy grants and managing the successful applications (including liaison with government bodies)
  • Lighting simulation studies
  • Eco-lighting services
  • Compliance checking, mechanical system tuning and sign-off at practical completion

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