Our Masterplanning and Urban Design team delivers robust, achievable and sustainable design outcomes for a wide variety of uses, adding value for our clients and local communities.

SLR’s team of award-winning masterplanners, landscape architects and urban designers provide practical and innovative design solutions. Our proposals are based on our considerable depth of experience across a wide portfolio of projects, supported by extensive in-house technical skills as required.

How can we help? 

SLR provides innovative and achievable design solutions, delivering value for our clients. This ranges from strategic citywide masterplanning and site capacity assessment, through to neighbourhood and local plan promotion, and planning application preparation.

SLR works at all scales, from major urban extensions and strategic developments, to small infill sites in towns and cities, on both brownfield and greenfield land. Our services often include landscape architectural input in creating landscape-led design solutions in sensitive environments, alongside conceptual layout work.

SLR coordinates inputs into the design process and provides a full suite of design-related documents for promotion purposes. With effective stakeholder engagement, a comprehensive vision for the site or area is developed.

We also provide ‘high level’, comprehensive technical and design capacity review of sites prior to purchase, assisting clients with investment decisions.

Our experience and approach, combined with high-quality service, maximises the potential of gaining a positive reception with key stakeholders in relation to the services we provide.

Our team


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SLR's Jeremy Smith published in Planning Resource

Jeremy Smith Director
Jeremy Smith

Jeremy has acted as an expert witness on landscape and visual matters at over 40 inquiries and hearings. He has often been asked to assess and design large-scale developments, particularly those in sensitive locations such as national landscape designations and Green Belt. He has worked on large scale mineral and waste projects, power projects and residential and commercial developments, and has also drafted guidance for the Environment Agency and Local Authorities. Jeremy has also carried out landscape projects in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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Julian Hought Director UK Process Industries Sector
Julian Hought

Julian  is a chartered engineer with over 28 years’ experience in the chemical industry. He has an established track record covering research and management of engineering and regulatory compliance functions on high hazard manufacturing sites. Much of his experience spans safety in design, construction, commissioning, operation, maintenance, modification and decommissioning of process plant within the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, energy and general manufacturing industries.