SLR’s expertise in spill response services encompasses a diverse number of industries, and challenges, while maintaining a focus on minimising environmental impacts.

SLR is committed to developing frameworks to aid in the prevention, preparedness, and rsponse of spills. In the event of a spill, SLR’s subject matter experts can create and implement assessment and remediation plans to meet the clients’ objectives and regulatory requirements.

Throughout the globe SLR has a proven track record of preparing spill prevention, contingency, emergency/spill response plans for the oil and gas, transportation, petrochemical, and chemical industries.

SLR works closely with clients, and regulatory bodies to develop and implement programs which prevent, minimise, control, and remediate spills to protect the environment.

How can we help?

  • Prevention training development & implementation
  • Spill Response drill coordination/facilitation & support services
  • Contaminant plume modelling & response scenario development
  • Regulatory compliance reviews
  • Shoreline clean up assessment team (SCAT)
  • Incident Command System (ICS) & incident management team (IMT) support
  • Emergency permit and approval applications
  • Support during stakeholder and regulatory engagement
  • Technical writing, editing, graphics creation, formatting & document production
  • Geographical Information System (GIS) services
  • Data management 
  • Development and Implementation of response plans, including site assessment, remediation and restoration.

Our Approach 

SLR naturally approaches projects from a multidisciplinary perspective and we make it a priority to work with Hydrogeologists, Risk Assessors, Engineers, and Environmental Professionals to provide clients with a full-service experience. As a result, SLR is able to deliver practical solutions that stand alone or complement other project technical elements.

Our team

  • Gregory Lee Senior Engineer
    Gregory Lee

    Gregory Lee has an extensive and diverse background in environmental consulting, with a foundation built on extensive site assessment and remediation programs of commercial and industrial properties. His projects also have involved completing environmental programs for clients in the oil and gas, power, mining and industrial sectors. His primary focus is in the field of site assessment and remediation, where he has designed and implemented remediation programs throughout the region.

  • Allison Peters Senior Project Manager
    Allison Peters

    Allison Peters is an expert in the management, assessment and remediation of contaminated sites in BC including the interior and lower mainland BC regions. She has experience managing environmental liability for a portfolio of properties for pipeline, downstream major petro-chemical clients and various commercial and industrial properties, but also includes extensive experience with spill preparedness and prevention and remediation.

  • John Lindberg Project Development Lead
    John Lindberg

    John has diverse experience in environmental industry with a specialization in Spill Response services. John is also a seasoned firefighter which provides him the experience to develop and initiate practical and effective spill response programs in high pressure situations. John has responded to hundreds of spills and he has been an incident commander for numerous high-profile spills. John takes pride in working with industry and regulators to meet or exceed environmental expectations in a realistic and economical manner.

  • Robert Brown Operations Manager
    Robert Brown

    Robert Brown specializes in developing and implementing groundwater monitoring programs, assessing potential impacts from contaminant sources to soil, soil vapour, and/or groundwater, and developing and implementing remediation programs. His expertise includes investigations to define contaminant sources, contaminant transport mechanisms, flow paths, and flow rates, and the efficacy of remedial measures.