Our team of experts are widely recognised for providing high quality technical expertise on a broad range of groundwater-related projects, to both the private and public sectors.

The SLR groundwater team is driven by excellence and recognises the importance of integrating technical, legal, regulatory and economic issues to support our clients in making effective decisions during all stages of a project.

How can we help?

Groundwater sources need to be managed sustainably, utilising various scientific studies and investigations.

Understanding the hydrogeological setting requires thorough knowledge of the natural environment and the mitigating processes to be followed to reduce the risk of contamination, and to guarantee sustained groundwater supply.

We have extensive practical experience in all aspects of hydrogeological site characterisation, as well as utilising industry-standard software, and state-of-the art tools and equipment.

We’re also recognised for our contributions on numerous professional and technical committees for the development and review of technical guidance documents for groundwater practitioners.

Our expertise

SLR’s expertise in the area of groundwater includes:

  • baseline assessments and investigations
  • cost effective solutions for groundwater supply projects
  • integrated hydrogeological interpretation
  • scientific advice on the hydrogeological environment to ensure sustainable use of water resources
  • assistance in designing and implementing monitoring networks for water quality, water resource modelling, and water resource planning
  • providing input and support to EIA/EMP specialist studies

Our team includes

  • Caroline Jeanne Associate
    Caroline Jeanne

    Caroline is a Chartered Civil Engineer specialising in the fields of water management, hydrology and civil engineering. Caroline manages and is actively involved in a range of hydrology related projects providing flood risk and drainage advice for development proposals. Her experience in the use of fluvial and coastal hydraulic modelling software, including HecRAS, Flood Modeller Pro (previously known as ISIS), ESTRY and TUFLOW, has contributed to supporting development in flood sensitive areas and developing flood mitigation measures including robust flood risk management plans.

  • Geoff Keenan Technical Director
    Geoff Keenan

    Geoff has more than 30 years’ experience working in environmental consultancy as a hydrogeologist. He advises clients in the minerals, waste management, industry and power sectors, across the UK and in Europe, in developing site designs so that they can avoid impacts on ground and surface water resources. He often provides environmental due diligence and expert witness testimony to support development proposals. He manages a team who are adept at designing groundwater site investigations, groundwater and surface water monitoring, computational groundwater modelling and preparing hydrogeological impact assessments.

  • Gordon Robb Technical Discipline Manager
    Gordon Robb

    Gordon is a Fellow of CIWEM and has worked as a consultant for more than 25 years. His particular areas of expertise include preparing water chapters for Environmental Impact Assessments and Appraisals for mines and quarries, electrical transmission infrastructure and renewable energy projects (onshore and offshore wind, solar, hydropower, gas peaking and battery storage), and solid waste management infrastructure (including landfills and energy from waste facilities). He also has much peat hydrology, flood risk and sustainable drainage, and water resources experience and provides expert witness testimony on these matters.

  • Tedros Tesfay Senior Hydrogeologist
    Tedros Tesfay

    Dr. Tedros Tesfay holds over 13 years of consulting experience as a hydrogeologist/hydrogeochemist solving client’s complex water resources and water quality problems. Leveraging his broad educational background and work experience in hydrogeology, geochemistry, and subsurface lithologic characterisation, he has supported various projects throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America, Middle East, and Africa. Tedros has a strong commitment to social and community services.

    Tedros’ hydrogeology experience includes groundwater flow and solute transport modelling (MODFLOW), preparing monitoring programmes (installing wells, logging, sampling, and testing), aquifer testing, synthesises lithological and geophysical data to identify highly conductive and naturally confining units, and builds 2D and 3D geologic models that substantiate domain discretisation for groundwater flow modelling, etc.

    As a geochemist, he conducts baseline studies, geochemical mine waste (ARD/ML) characterisations, evaluates pit lake water quality and its impact on adjoining water resources, develops geochemical modelling (PHREEQC/PHT3D) simulations to understand the fate and transport of contaminants, etc.

    He has developed a Hydrogeochemical Trend Analysis (HGTA) method that independently verifies hydraulic connectivity between surface water-groundwater regimes or distinct aquifer units. Understanding distinct hydrogeological/geochemical flowlines helps to build a sound conceptual site model (CSM) and guides appropriate site-specific corrective actions.