The accurate assessment of the geology of a site is often fundamental to the design and implementation of any eventual development.

The understanding of the sub-surface geology should always be a key priority and should be supported by good data, whatever the nature of your project.

At SLR we have the technical “know-how” and the experience to progress a geological project through all of the required stages. The core services that can be provided by the geological and site investigation team are set out below:

How Can SLR help

  • Site investigation / mineral exploration programme design and costing;
  • Drilling establishment, risk assessment and supervision;
  • Geophysical surveying / logging and interpretation;
  • Borehole rock and superficial deposit logging to relevant standard;
  • Core logging relevant standard;
  • Quarry Geotechnical Assessments to meet quarry design and health and safety requirements.
  • Cross discipline consultation – geotechnical, hydrogeological, contamination, landfill gas, mineral assessment, mining appraisal;
  • Geological GIS projects including regional mineral and landfill site search projects, GIS compilation, modelling and interpretation of mineral exploration datasets;
  • 3-Dimensional geological modelling;
  • 3-Dimensional quarry design and development plans;
  • Mineral resource estimates;
  • ‘Qualified persons’ throughout the company to undertake Mineral Resource Evaluation;
  • Geological due diligence of mineral assets;
  • Third party aggregate quality assessment and assurance;
  • Rock face mapping;
  • Geological conservation, geological heritage audits and management;
  • Geotourism Development;
  • Expert witness.

Geomorphological Assessments

SLR has considerable geomorphological capabilities and has carried out numerous assessments, to understand both past and present surface geological processes.

SLR can undertake desk based studies, aerial photographic interpretation and remote sensing, as well as field investigations including surface geological mapping. Geomorphological mapping provides an understanding of surface and subsurface conditions that can impacts environmental conditions and identify issues that need to be considered prior to environmental and engineering baseline programs.

SLR has carried out numerous geomorphological assessments across a wide range of different projects including:

  • Infrastructure projects;
  • Geotechnical investigations;
  • Wind farm projects;
  • River channel studies;
  • Flood risk management plans;
  • Mineral resource identification and assessment;
  • Environmental Impact Assessment;

We believe that most gain can be made from a geomorphological assessment if it is undertaken at an early screening stage in the project so that any potential risks can be avoided or mitigated against, or can be followed up with detailed ground investigation. The findings therefore can be incorporated into the decision making process for a project at an early stage with potential project time and cost savings.

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