SLR helps clients eliminate contamination on historical sites and prevent further damage from existing operations. Not only does this enhance asset values and reduce environmental liability, but provides expert solutions to protect and improve our clients’ assets.


How can SLR help?

Our mine closure experts provide a "life cycle" approach by offering strategic planning services for a closure, consultation with stakeholders, and developing and implementing a closure strategy in a cost beneficial way, reducing negative legacy risk and meeting the requirements of regulators.

SLR strives to unlock and restore the value of our clients assets by providing scheduling, resource allocation and closure liability or budget assessments to assist with financial planning or provisioning.


Our services include:

  • Baseline knowledge gaps & opportunities
  • Stakeholder engagement and approvals
  • Risk assessments and liability minimisation
  • Baseline inventories and studies
  • Mine closure & remediation plans
  • Mine closure execution plans, as well as project execution
  • Cost estimates
  • Care and maintenance support, monitoring and relinquishment support

Our team

  • David Walker Mining & Minerals Global Sector Leader
    David Walker

    David is a Technical Director and responsible for SLR’s Global Mining & Minerals business. He has over 30 years’ experience within the Mining and Minerals sector, both in a senior management position and as an experienced consultant. David has a broad background in engineering, geology, geotechnical engineering and hydrogeology. He takes an integrated engineering and environmental approach to mining projects.

  • Ian Walton Technical Director, Hydrology & Hydrogeology, Europe
    Ian Walton

    Ian is a Chartered Civil Engineer with extensive experience in the design and supervision of general civil engineering projects, principally relating to drainage, infrastructure and tunnelling works both in the United Kingdom and abroad.

    He has specialised in hydrology and hydraulic engineering and is experienced in the preparation of environmental impact assessments, flood risk assessments as well as the design of flood alleviation schemes and sustainable surface water drainage systems.  Ian regularly provides advice to a range of development-sector Clients during the pre-planning and planning process and also gives expert evidence in support of litigation and in the general planning arena.

  • Graham Farrer Principal, Land Quality, Europe
    Graham Farrer

    Graham has over 18 years experience working in project management, land quality, mining risk management, mining study management and mine closure. During this time, Graham has provided support across multiple product groups and mines, across several countries and continents. This work has included the development of projects programmes to reduce environmental risk and identify accurate closure liabilities, closure study management, emergency response, environmental approvals, project management, rehabilitation trial development, dam stability governance and technical reporting. 

  • Simon Higson Technical Director, Landscape Architecture, Europe
    Simon Higson

    Simon is a Technical Director with SLR, a Chartered Landscape Architect, Chartered Horticulturist and Member of the Institute of Quarrying based in SLR’s Nottingham office.

    Since joining SLR in January 2004, Simon has provided landscape planning and assessment, design, implementation and management advice in relation to a wide range of project work in the mining and minerals sector.