As critical mine infrastructure, Mine Tailings and Rock Storage Facilities are among the largest man-made structures on earth, counted among the few that can be seen from space.

Without careful consideration in design, construction, operation and closure, these facilities can pose a significant risk to life and the environment due to their large size, and being built almost entirely of mine overburden and processing by-products.

How can we help?

SLR’s experts understand that mine waste and related engineering services are truly a multi-disciplinary effort. Using integrated approaches, SLR focuses all of our engineering and scientific expertise in combining knowledge and methods to ensure mine infrastructure has a positive impact on the environment and surrounding communities.

Our services include:

  • Site selection & baseline characterisation
  • Geometric design, embankment engineering, liners, geotechnical stability
  • Tailings pumping, distribution and deposition
  • Water balance modelling and integrated water management
  • Environmental permitting, compliance and monitoring services
  • Risk assessment, audits, engineer of record
  • Construction QA/QC, operational support, closure

Our team

  • David Walker Mining & Minerals Global Sector Leader
    David Walker

    David is a Technical Director and responsible for SLR’s Global Mining & Minerals business. He has over 30 years’ experience within the Mining and Minerals sector, both in a senior management position and as an experienced consultant. David has a broad background in engineering, geology, geotechnical engineering and hydrogeology. He takes an integrated engineering and environmental approach to mining projects.

  • John Cole Technical Director, Mine Waste Engineering, Europe
    John Cole

    John has 30 years of experience in environmental consultancy, specialising in earthworks engineering, with a wealth of experience in geotechnical and volumetric modelling, specifications, detailed design and construction management. John has a thorough understanding of the inter-related environmental and financial issues involved in the design, construction, operation and closure of modern engineered facilities for both mining and municipal solid waste.

  • Ricky Collins Technical Director, Mine Waste Engineering, Europe
    Ricky Collins

    Ricky is a Chartered Engineer with over 30 years experience in the fields of mining, geotechnical and environmental engineering. His current focus is on assessing geotechnical and environmental risks associated with open pit excavations and mine waste storage facilities.  

    In terms of regulatory compliance, Ricky has undertaken over 140 Geotechnical Assessments for quarrying / open pit operations throughout the UK in the capacity of Geotechnical Specialist, as defined by the UK Quarries Regulations 1999.

  • Ian Walton Technical Director, Hydrology & Hydrogeology, Europe
    Ian Walton

    Ian is a Chartered Civil Engineer with extensive experience in the design and supervision of general civil engineering projects, principally relating to drainage, infrastructure and tunnelling works both in the United Kingdom and abroad.

    He has specialised in hydrology and hydraulic engineering and is experienced in the preparation of environmental impact assessments, flood risk assessments as well as the design of flood alleviation schemes and sustainable surface water drainage systems.  Ian regularly provides advice to a range of development-sector Clients during the pre-planning and planning process and also gives expert evidence in support of litigation and in the general planning arena.