Geotechnical Engineering

SLR provides the entire spectrum of geotechnical engineering capability, from desk study through field investigation, factual reporting, geotechnical interpretation, stability analysis, foundation assessment, design and supervision.

Our large team of geotechnical engineers, geologists and engineering geologists has international experience in research, contracting and consulting.

How can SLR help?

SLR has particular expertise in the geotechnical investigation, analysis and design of: rock/soil slopes of quarries/mines, tips, landfills and dams; renewable energy schemes (wind farms and small hydroelectric schemes and energy from waste plants); earthwork design for landfills including design of geosynthetics systems; foundations and substructure engineering for low rise and multi-storey buildings; deep excavations; offshore geotechnics; instrumentation of meta-stable slopes; and statutory inspection and reporting of mines and quarries. SLR brings in experience with seismic design including selection of ground motion parameters, seismic stability analysis, liquefaction analysis, and design of mitigation solutions.

SLR uses state of the art software packages (such as GeoStudio®) that combine groundwater seepage analysis with a finite element package to analyse the insitu stress regime and a slope stability package to allow a full soil structure interaction analysis. SLR also has personnel with extensive experience in the use of explicit finite difference modelling (FLAC) for the analysis of settlement (total and differential), tensile stresses and strains and general soil structure interaction analysis.

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